Meet Josh Kindler

Hi! My name is Josh Kindler. I am a sixteen-year old high school senior attending classes at Primoris Academy and, formerly, Columbia University. I am deeply passionate about cultivating my own learning and creating and pursuing opportunities for myself to grow. My specific interests revolve around business, economics, and politics. I am currently an intern at Talenya and conducting financial research for Two Trees Capital. Outside of this, I am a crossword puzzle enthusiast–both solving and constructing! I'm also an avid football fan and obsessive fantasy football player, and am currently performing economic research using NFL Next Gen Stats.

I am always looking for new opportunities to learn, grow, and push myself–don't hesitate to connect with me!

Jan. 2020 - Present


Internship with CRO Stu Gold with a focus on marketing, lead generation, and prospect outreach

Feb. 2020 - Present


Intern at investment banking firm Cambridge Wilkinson

Jul. 2019 - Present


Works with businesses to build social media presence, design websites and create graphics to market to millennial customers.

Oct. 2018 - Present


Writes, researches and produces episodes discussing how companies market and appeal to teenage and millennial customers.

Jul. 2018 - Present


Two Trees Capital Hedge Fund

Mentorship and monthly meetings with Founder and Portfolio Manager Carl Wu to discuss economics, current market climate, and investment strategy. Soon to begin research for Mr. Wu.

Aug. 2018 - Present


Initiatives include the Distinguished Business Leaders Speaker Series and the Primoris Academy Business Fair.

Dec. 2016 - Jun.  2019


Primoris Academy

Taught classes weekly to younger students (grades 4-6). Topics included entrepreneurship, finance and stock market analysis, fantasy football and March Madness statistical modeling, and board game strategy optimization

(551) 228-3033

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